Australian Played.
Australian Paid.

Australian Played is a music industry initiative, allowing music fans to easily see and listen to Aussie artists in their favourite venues.

What is Australian Played?

Australian Played utilises the commercial reach of Nightlife Music - Australia’s largest music subscription service for business – and their consumer jukebox app crowdDJ to encourage consumers to pick Australian artists in venues across the country.

Nightlife Music has a reach over six million people across thousands of locations including bars, pubs, gyms, restaurants, retail accommodation, leisure and major events.

Why Australian Played?

The Australian Played, Australian Paid concept was devised to make it easier to find and hear your favourite music as well as support home grown talent whether new, independent, classic, rock, jazz or favourites.

People partying in a bar with Australian Music

Public performance is the new shop front for discovering Australian music.

So how does it work?

  1. Download the crowdDJ app to find the venues where you can go to hear your favourite music.
  2. Pick Australian songs in thousands of venues across Australia whether you're dining, enjoying a night out, working out, bowling or even shopping.

Download The crowdDJ App: